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“Current microbiology will be re-invented to meet the needs of biofilm microbiology”

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Micro-organisms exist in two states in nature:

  1. free-floating, or planktonic organisms
  2. biofilms, or communities of organisms

Micro-organisms shift between these states as part of their life cycle..

Planktonic Microorganisms

Almost all of our microbiological knowledge is of planktonic organisms. This has resulted in antibiotics, diagnostics and regulatory approvals based on knowledge of planktonic micro-organisms. Planktonic organisms cause acute infections like food poisoning and wound infections.

Biofilm Microorganisms

Relatively little research and therefore limited knowledge exists on biofilms. As a result, no antibiotics, no diagnostics and no government regulatory approvals exist for biofilm related products — and yet —

  • Over 80% of all human infections, and virtually all chronic, recurrent, and medical device-related infections are caused by biofilms.
  • Biofilms can be up to 4000 times more resistant to antibiotics than the very same organism in a planktonic state.
  • Many cases of claimed bacterial resistance are in fact, biofilm organisms displaying their inherent resistance.

Expected benefits to health care

  • Healthier patients
  • Reduced hospital stays
  • Reduced drug costs

“Innovotech is addressing perhaps the greatest unmet need in biotechnology that I have seen in my 30 years in the field.”
– Stan Yakatan