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The Foremost Experts in antimicrobial contract research and biofilm solutions.

With more than 40 years of collective microbiology experience, we provide full-service antimicrobial contract research and antimicrobial testing. Our biofilm products are used by researchers around the globe helping them increase their throughput with repeatable testing and results.


The MBEC Assay® Kit is a high throughput screening assay used to determine the efficacy of antimicrobials against biofilms of a variety of microorganisms.


Innovotech’s matrix-driven experimental systems allow for rapid high throughput screening and antimicrobial R&D for a variety of systems and applications.


InnovoSIL™ compounds are a family of novel and very effective antimicrobial agents ideally suited for coating onto or incorporating into medical devices.

Antimicrobial Contract Research

Our Contract Research team has helped over 100 companies deliver on their products and services. We have over 30 years of experience working with Chemical, Oil & Gas, and Medical industry partners to help combat biofilms in their particular fields and with their surfaces and devices.

Why choose Innovotech as your research partner? Well, simply because we have the knowledge and the experience. Innovotech offers:

  • Guaranteed Price Quotes
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  • Guaranteed Timelines
  • A Reputation You Can Trust

Our Assays are Reproducible, Reliable, Rugged, and Cost-Effective.

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MBEC Assay® Solutions

Innovotech’s biofilm products are at the leading edge of the industry. The MBEC Assay® solutions we provide are fast, effective, and accurate. Our experienced team can help you run your assays with:

  • Minimal Equipment Requirements
  • Minimal Technical Requirements
  • Multiple Formats and Repeats
  • Internal Controls
  • Multiple Organism Capability

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Biofilms are
responsible for
of all infections


  • Experience testing under aerobic, anaerobic and microaerophilic conditions.
  • Experience testing bacterial and fungal strains.
  • Experience testing medical devices, as well as agricultural and oilfield products.

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