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The Innovotech MBEC Assay® Kit is a high throughput screening assay used to determine the efficacy of antimicrobials against biofilms of a variety of microorganisms.

  • Available with individual wells or corrugated trough
  • Each kit has 96 pegs
  • Allows for simultaneous testing of multiple biocides
  • Custom coatings available to fit your needs

Results you can trust

Our efficient screening tool speeds up testing by multiplying your results.

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Let us do it for you.

Our research team can give you results that are unequivocal.

Let us do the microbiology for you so you can focus on your product. Working with our research team is easy to implement and can be very cost-effective.

With our insight into microbiology and biofilms, we can bolster your department with verifiable results. We are fast, efficient and most of all we are here to help.