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The InnovoSIL™ family of novel antimicrobial agents is ideally suited to coating onto or incorporation into medical devices. Our Innovosil™ Antimicrobial Products are ready for testing:

Ready for Testing: InnovoSIL™-1 Antimicrobial Silver

  • Unique silver (I) chemistry
    • Ag(I) is located in both cation and anion, where it is coordinated to high oxidation state iodine
    • Increased mechanisms of action from combining iodine and silver reduces likelihood of development of bacterial resistance
    • Coordination with iodine stabilizes silver, allowing for better biofilm penetration
    • Slow release material allows for maintenance of a consistent concentration in solution over long periods of time
  • Effective against a broad spectrum of clinically-relevant bacteria and fungi
    • When coated onto a surface, prevents adherence and kills surrounding planktonic microorganisms for at least one month
    • Eliminates mature biofilms in less than 24h
    • Generates total kill of planktonic microorganisms in less than 0.5h in standard log reduction assay
    • Demonstrates superior activity to a number of commercially available silver-containing wound dressings
  • Readily incorporated into or coated onto medical device materials
    • Natural and synthetic polymers used in catheterswound dressings, and other medical devices, including polyurethane, polyvinyl chloride, latex, silicone, high density polyethylene, polyester, rayon, cotton, and others
    • Metals used in implantssurgical instrumentsneedles, and other applications, including medical grades of titanium, aluminum, and stainless steel
    • Gels, including various hydrogels, silicone gels, and lubricants
  • Excellent stability
    • Long shelf lifephotostablegood thermal stability
    • Autoclaveable, compatible with ethylene oxide treatment
    • Short term stability in the presence of water, saline, and various solvents used in polymer processing
  • Cost competitive
    • Simple manufacturing process with high yield and purity
    • Relatively small quantities required for excellent activity
  • Other
    • Dark chocolate brown compound

Newly Published Article:
Ag5IO6: novel antibiofilm activity of a silver compound with application to medical devices

Innovotech currently has Material Transfer Agreements in place with potential partners in various fields who are testing InnovoSIL™-1 antimicrobial silver for inclusion in their future product pipelines. Innovotech is ready to work with partners interested in using InnovoSIL™-1 antimicrobial silver to provide the antimicrobial activity needed for their products. For more information or to request test material, please contact us via

Coming Up: InnovoSIL™-2 and -3 Antimicrobial Silvers
Innovotech is currently developing two unique antimicrobial agents which contain high oxidation state silver – Ag(III):

  • Novel silver (III) chemistry
    • Ag(III) is located in the anion, coordinated to high oxidation state iodine
    • The iodine protects and stabilizes the Ag(III), allowing it to penetrate biofilms
    • Increased mechanisms of action, decreased likelihood of resistance development
  • Medium and high solubility compounds allow for additional application options
    • Can be used in spray form either directly or for coating purposes
    • Relatively stable in solution
  • Rapid broad spectrum activity
    • Initial testing has shown exciting results in terms of rapid activity against mature biofilms in a broad spectrum of bacteria and fungi
  • Unique manufacturing method has been developed and is currently being optimized

Once the manufacturing method has been optimized, these materials will be available for potential partners to test out. Check back here for upcoming opportunities to work with these exciting new materials!

Note: None of the compounds in the InnovoSIL™ family have been registered with any government environmental or health regulating agency, nor have they received any regulatory body approval for use as an antimicrobial agent in any application.

For further information contact us.