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Innovotech solves client biofilm problems through its Biofilm Contract Research Department. The company has a distinguished track record of both standardized and customized research to meet client needs.

The scope of research is from early stage identification of problems and screening of agents for “anti-biofilm activity“, to research acceptable to regulatory agencies for product claim validation, to post-market product comparisons for marketing purposes. The company regularly develops in vitro models of the client specific situation as a starting point that enables any number of test parameters to be tested.

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Biofilm problems in industry that the company has resolved includes:

  • Catheter and implant medical devices
  • Antibiotic drug development
  • Wound healing
  • Paint and specialized coatings
  • Water system antimicrobial agents
  • Dental treatments and water line antimicrobial agents
  • Bacterial and fungal agricultural crop diseases
  • Hard surface disinfectants in food safety, transportation and health care
  • Bacteriophage Testing

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