Innovotech is a public company listed since 2003 on the TSX Venture Exchange, trading under the symbol IOT. Innovotech conducts contract research on and develops products that address bacterial biofilm problems at their many levels.

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Innovotech Introduction

The Company offers life science investors a number of benefits that are different from many other companies in the junior biotech sector:

  • We generate revenues from multiple product and service platforms
  • We target growing revenues organically and through acquisition
  • We have developed effective anti-bacterial compounds that continue to be qualified by ourselves and by authorized third parties
  • We have a low market capitalization
  • The Company is profitable

The commercial opportunities for Innovotech are substantive. Awareness by researchers, practitioners, and the public of the effects of biofilms in health care, agriculture and other industries is growing. The fact that few antimicrobials or diagnostics have been approved to address microbial biofilm problems is an indication of the magnitude of opportunity that these markets provide.

The Company is generating revenue from the following products and services:

  • Contract research services provide medical device companies with independent scientific studies that are an important component of regulatory applications to the US FDA and other agencies.  The company has worked with over 100 clients in this market and has every reason to expect this business to grow.
  • The MBEC Assay® platform is a high throughput research tool utilized by universities, research institutes and corporations to further knowledge of biofilms.  In addition to the revenue generated, the Company benefits from acknowledgement of the use of the MBEC Assay® kits and procedures in research papers.
  • The Company has a long pioneering history with providing services and products to study and deal with the myriad problems caused by microbial biofilm infections, not only in human and animal health, but across a broad swath of human activity.

The Company has developed the following products:

InnovoSIL™ antimicrobial silver is a family of novel silver-based agents for medical device applications. They possess several unique characteristics and are cost competitive. Numerous Proof-Of-Concept studies are complete allowing the company to enter into Material Transfer Agreements with interested medical device companies. Commercial agreements will be pursued once the agents are tested in conjunction with the medical devices of interest to these companies.

AgreGuard™ compounds are being developed for agricultural crop protection.

Innovotech’s trading symbol on the TSX-Venture Exchange is “IOT“.

*Please email Dr. James Timourian, Chairman, at for more information, or Alan Savage, our CFO, at

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