MBEC Assay® Testing

Innovotech’s MBEC Assay® system allows rapid testing of antimicrobials and quorum sensing inhibitors for biofilm activity.

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To date, MBEC Assay® testing has been featured in 100s of peer-reviewed publications. The MBEC Assay® method is now approved by ASTM (E2799-17).

MBEC Assay® testing provides the following:

  • Qualitative data package (MIC, MBC, MBEC)
  • Quantitative data package (log reduction)
  • Quorum Sensing Inhibitor testing
  • Synergy testing
  • MBEC Assay® lids can be coated with
    • poly-L-lysine,
    • hydroxyapatite,
    • cellulose,
    • titanium dioxide
    • and custom coatings to fit your needs
MBEC Assay®Testing
Our MBEC Assay® Testing Kit

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Utilize our Experienced Team:

  • 40+ years of collective experience.
  • Knowledge to test a wide range of products.
  • Experience testing under aerobic, anaerobic and microaerophilic conditions.
  • Experience testing bacterial and fungal strains.
  • Experience testing medical devices, textiles, as well as agricultural and oilfield products.

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