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Innovotech has an experienced research team that will work with you to develop an in vitro antimicrobial testing program with experimental protocols to achieve your specific needs.

Innovotech’s in vitro antimicrobial testing services cover the following applications:

  • Implanted devices antimicrobial testing
  • Antibiotic and biocide efficacy screening
  • Agricultural diseases, food safety
  • Dental biofilms
  • Waterline and pipeline fouling
  • Regulatory submission packages
  • Consulting services
  • Third-party validations

If there is something that you need that’s not listed just give us a call at 780-448-0585 and ask. We are here to help.

Researcher doing In Vitro antimicrobial testing.
tools used in In Vitro antimicrobial testing.

Our assays and in vitro services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Biofilm antimicrobial testing
  • Planktonic antimicrobial testing
  • Flexibility in selecting challenge time
  • Flexibility in selecting the biofilm growth time
  • Aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms as well as bacterial spores
  • Imaging: SEM, CLSM

Screening Assays

Our in vitro antimicrobial testing program uses the tools required to achieve your specific needs.



Innovotech’s Minimum Biofilm Eradication Concentration Testing (MBEC Assay® method) allows rapid testing of antimicrobials and quorum sensing inhibitors for antibiofilm activity.



The Biofilm Eradication Surface Testing (BEST Assay™ method) allows for the screening of antimicrobial surfaces and coating in a market-ready format using a matrix driven system.